Electric Repair System

Your truck’s electric systems are responsible for controlling the behavior of a particular system for routing power and information. We diagnose the electronic systems disorders while investigating in-depth and take great care of your truck’s electronic and electric systems which are interconnected with each other by wiring, fuses, circuit breakers, and relays. Damaged wiring, inappropriate pin fits or damaged connectors may harm your truck performance or lead to a complete failure. If your truck is going through an electric system’s failure or damage, seek our help. Our experts assist your problem to be repaired quickly.

We excel to detect shorts, grounds, open, resistance problems in electronic circuits, and we also repair wiring harness and connectors. As well as we deal with electrical wiring and solder repair.

Air Repair

We offer a complete repair system. We deal with a complete truck air-conditioning and truck heating repair as well as installation services to multiple ranges of system applications. We provide services from heavy-duty to light-duty trucks. Our experts professionally deal with A/C service with the full-system flush, recharge, leak detection and many other maintenance issues with the modern instruments and tools. Our services include:

  • Diagnostic Trouble Shooting
  • Leak Delectation
  • Full System Flush
  • Refrigerant Recharge

Light Repair

We provide services to uneven headlight brightness, intermittent lights, dim lights, inappropriate lights, bulbs, intermittent turning signals, hazard light, motor-driven circuits, heated glass, and electrical lock, etc. In addition, our area of service expends to:

Dashboard Warning Diagnostic as this system is very important and keeps you alert with multiple vehicle problems, Headlight Bulb Replacement, as it helps the driver and the pedestrians to be alert. This provides clear visibility to both, Interior and Exterior Light Repair, Power Locks Repair, Power Sunroof Repair, and Power Window Repair, etc.

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